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Why Crawlspace Doctor?


Deciding to move forward with a sealed and conditioned crawl space is a step in the right direction, just be sure the company you choose is offering you the best plan for your specific issues.


Most crawl space companies offer every customer the same solution and use the same types of products to resolve their crawl space problems. That may sound efficient and easy; however this one-size-fits-all method is not beneficial for the homeowner. Every crawl space has unique factors (structural as well as external) that cause serious issues such as mold growth, dampness, odor and moisture. Each of these factors should be assessed individually for the best solution and brought together under one comprehensive plan unique for your home.


This is the Crawlspace Doctor advantage. We will never give you a one-size-fits-all answer because we don’t believe every crawl space has the exact same concerns. In order to find the right solution for you, Crawlspace Doctor looks in depth at every factor specific to your crawl space that may be the source of your concerns. Then we present you with the best solutions to resolve those specific concerns. We pride ourselves in utilizing the best and most up to date products on the market from insulation and vapor barriers to supply air inducers and drainage systems. We carefully choose the product or method that will work best for you and your crawl space.


As a homeowner, you have goals in mind when considering repairing or improving the conditions of your crawlspace. Some of these may be air quality, humidity control, mold growth, energy efficiency, and even additional storage space. Crawlspace Doctor will work with your structure, take into account your climate, and local codes to give you a unique plan that tackles your concerns, conditions your crawl space and ultimately improves the health and energy efficiency of your home.


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A Highly Efficient and Healthy Home starts in the Crawl Space

Homeowners often do not consider improving conditions in the crawlspace as an important step in an energy efficient home especially when mold or crawlspace deteriation creates an odor in your home that can only be resolved through crawlspace maintenance and repair. The truth is crawlspace sealing or conditioning a crawl space is one of the most important steps in an energy efficient home. A conditioned crawlspace not only helps to eliminate humidity to control the possibility of mold growth but also helps your air conditioner perform more efficient by not having to overcome excessive crawlspace humidity.

One of the main functions of an air conditioner is to eliminate humidity in the air. Eliminating cold air in the crawlspace is vital to the performance of your heating system. Once again if cold air is not entering your crawlspace through your foundation vents your heating system will perform more efficient.

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Our Free Evaluation Process

Crawlspace Doctor prides itself in our superior level of customer satisfaction. When Crawlspacedoctor receive a request for an crawlspace evaluation of any of our following services; Crawlspace, Crawlspace Repair, Crawlspace water, Crawlspace Mold, Crawlspace Vapor barrier, Crawlspace Contractor, Crawlspace waterproofing, Crawlspace insulation, Crawlspace ventilation, Crawlspace encapsulation, Crawlspace sump pumps, Crawlspace drainage systems, our goal is to perform a complete crawlspace evaluation of the entire crawlspace structure. Digital photos are taken of all items within the crawl space whether positive or negative. After the crawlspace evaluation all photos are downloaded onto a laptop and presented to the homeowner. This represents a clear and accurate picture of all concerns within the crawlspace. If any concerns are present a solution will be presented to the homeowner. The belief of Crawlspace Doctor is if the homeowner is presented with accurate information they will be able to make the most informative and best decision for their home.

Crawlspace Doctor WILL NEVER "hard sell" any client. We encourage the homeowner to process the information for as long as they need in order to make the best possible decision.

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CIJIHVUIHUY Water Sports Shoes Shoes Barefoot Swim Quick Dry 19995 Swim Aqua Beach Shoes for Women 1801 Black ee99fd0 What is Total Crawlspace Good Health?  

Our offices were so damp and musty that sometimes it was hard to breath. The floors had swollen and were buckling in several places. You could actually feel the moisture on the walls. Our expensive recording equipment was deteriorating by the day. The Crawlspace Doctor fixed it all in a few days and has come by a number of times in the last year and a halfjust to check and make sure that everything is OK (at no charge--and the problems have never returned). We have been very satisfied. You'll love Tom, he really is 'the crawl space doctor.

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